NCM::nss - NCM nsswitch component


  • Configure()

    Generates /etc/nsswitch.conf and returns error in case of failure. If the nsswitch.conf file is modified and nscd is running, then nscd will be restarted.


  • /software/components/nss/active : boolean

    activates/deactivates the component.

  • /software/components/nss/databases : nlist

    A list of database names (e.g. "passwd", "hosts"). Each name should be associated with a list of strings.

  • /software/components/nss/build : nlist

    A list of database types (e.g. "file", "db"). If any nss sources are set to use one of these database types then the "build" item will be checked to see if there is a script that should be run in order to build the database. If so, this script will be run before changing nsswitch.conf. The script will be run once for each entry in nsswitch.conf that uses that data source. The value of each key should be an nlist with the following possible keys:

    • script

      the command line to run to generate once for each database. Any token of the form "<DB>" will be substituted with the name of the database being built.

    • active

      if false, then the build script will not be run.

    • depends

      A database name can be provided. If specified, then that database will be built before processing any databases of this type.


"/software/components/nss" = nlist(
   "build", nlist(
       "db", nlist("script", "make -f `/usr/local/lib/` <DB>")

   "database", nlist(
       "hosts",    list("files", "nis", "dns"),
       "passwd",   list("files", "db"),
       "networks", list("nis", "files", "[NOTFOUND=return]"),


The component modifies the following files:

  • /etc/nsswitch.conf