NCM::chkconfig - NCM chkconfig component


  • Configure()

    Updates runlevel information for system services by using chkconfig that are defined in /software/components/chkconfig/.

    Also starts/stops those services that have option startstop set to true in and have one of the following options specified: add or del option is true, on or off option is specified either without specific runlevels, or with runlevel value that contains the current runlevel.

    The optional default key decides what will happen with services that are not explicitly configured. Default is to ignore them, but a vakue of off instead disables anything not mentioned in the profile.

  • Unconfigure()

    Not available.


  • /software/components/chkconfig/active : boolean

    activates/deactivates the component.

  • /software/components/chkconfig/default : string ("off", "ignore")

    says what happens if no explicit configuration is found for the service. Certain services (like network, messagebus, haldaemon, sshd) are protected from being turned off via the default setting, but please do not rely on this.

  • /software/components/chkconfig/service/<service>/off : string ("[0-7]*")

  • /software/components/chkconfig/service/<service>/on : string ("[0-7]*")

    Sets the service <service> on/off on specified run levels. The run levels are specified as string of numbers, the same way as with chkconfig-command. If the string is empty, system default is taken (see man chkconfig(8) for exact details).

  • /software/components/chkconfig/service/<service>/name : string

    If set, the value is used as the name of the service instead of using the service path as a name.

  • /software/components/chkconfig/service/<service>/reset : string ("[0-7]*")

    Resets the service on defined run levels. Reset with no run levels specified affects every run level.

  • /software/components/chkconfig/service/<service>/add : boolean

    If the value is true, adds service for management by chkconfig (if not already the case), otherwise the option is ignored. Please note that some services do not turn themselves on, and so in addition need an explicit on for the appropriate runlevels.

    If service has value 'add', and is already known to chkconfig, 'reset' will be run. This will restore service runlevel to its default values and protect from any manual changes of runlevels by /sbin/chkconfig.

  • /software/components/chkconfig/service/<service>/del : boolean

    If the value is true, removes service from management by chkconfig, otherwise the option is ignored.

  • /software/components/chkconfig/service/<service>/startstop : boolean

    If true, the service is also started/stopped when the service is added, removed or turned off/on. The component tries to check whether a certain service is already running or stopped and will not redo the action, but this relies on the service's init script correctly reporting current state.


The following example will start named on system default runlevels:

include 'components/chkconfig/config';
"/software/components/chkconfig/service/named/add" = true;
"/software/components/chkconfig/service/named/on" = "";
"/software/components/chkconfig/service/named/startstop" = true;

The shorter way of writing this (assuming named is known to chkconfig):

include 'components/chkconfig/config';
"/software/components/chkconfig/service/named" =

Disable and stop xinetd:

"/software/components/chkconfig/service/xinetd" = nlist("off", "", "startstop", true);