ncm-puppet: Component for running puppet standalone within quattor


  • /software/components/puppet/puppetconf

    Defines the configuration for quattor. Each item is a section of the /etc/puppet/puppet.conf file. The section [main] is mandatory. Other sections may be added.

  • /software/components/puppet/puppetconf/main

    Each item is a parameter in the [main] section of the puppet.conf file. The mandatory parameters are:

    • logdir :

      Puppet log dir. Defaults to /var/log/puppet.

    • rundir : string

      Puppet run dir. Defaults to /var/log/puppet.

  • /software/components/puppet/hieraconf

    Defines the configuration for hiera. Each item is a key definition in the /etc/puppet/hiera.yaml file. The default is:

    - yaml
    - quattor
          :datadir: `/etc/puppet/hieradata`
  • /software/components/puppet/nodefiles

    Named list of node specific manifests. The component will run puppet --apply/etc/puppet/manifests/<file> for each item <file> of the nlist. The parameters of each item are:

    • contents : string

      content of the file:

      The default for "nodefiles" is one file quattor_default.pp with content "hiera_include('classes')".

  • /software/components/puppet/hieradata

    Data to be passed to the hiera config. The data will be written in /etc/puppet/hieradata/quattor.yaml. Note: the nlist keys will be unescaped by the component.

  • /software/components/puppet/modules

    Named list of modules to be downloaded from the puppetlab forge. Each module has the following parameters:

    • version ? string

      version of the module.