NCM::resolver - NCM resolver configuration component


  • Configure()

    Sets up the resolv.conf (and optionally the dnscache configuration). If dnscache is used, then dnscache will be restarted on any change. If DNS resolution fails after making the change, then resolv.conf is left in it's previous state.


  • /software/components/resolver/active : boolean

    activates/deactivates the component.

  • /software/componens/resolver/search : list

    A list of strings to use for the resolver search path.

  • /software/components/resolver/servers : list

    list of server addresses or hostnames. If these are hostnames, they will be resolved before the resolver configuration is modified.

  • /software/components/resolver/dnscache : boolean

    If true, then configure dnscache with the server list and point resolv.conf at the localhost. This will cause dnscache to be restarted. This implies that the dnscache package is available on the machine, but this component does not enforce that.


The component resolver modifies the following files:

  • /etc/resolv.conf
  • /var/spool/dnscache/servers/@


"/software/components/resolver/active" = true;
"/software/components/resolver/search" = list("");
"/software/components/resolver/servers" = list("");
"/software/components/resolver/dnscache" = true;