NCM::pbsclient - NCM pbsclient configuration component


  • Configure()

    Do the necessary configuration for an PBS client at CERN. The mail two configuration files are /var/spool/pbs/mom_priv/config and /var/spool/pbs/server_name. The first one is the default configuration file for PBS, the second one is used to hold the PBS server name. In case Torque behaviour is selected, the server_name is contained in the config file as well.

  • Unconfigure()

    Removed the configuration file for pbs mom (but leaves the pbs server_name file).


  • /software/components/pbsclient/active : boolean

    activates/deactivates the component.

  • /software/components/pbsclient/cpuinfo : string[]

    Defines which cpu info (from /proc/cpuinfo) to define as resources in the pbs_mom config file. This is a string list, which may contain any processor property name that you can see in /proc/cpuinfo file. Two extra processor related flags can be specified : ncpus, and ncores ncpus is the number of physical CPUs in the node, and ncores is the total number of cores. ** All CPUs in one host are assumed to be the same **

    Example properties are : "ncores", "ncpus", "flags", "model name","cpu MHz","cpu family","model","stepping"

    Properties that start with "model " or "cpu " will see this be stripped as a first step. All resulting pbs_mom resources will be prefixed with cpu_ except ncpus and ncores.

  • /software/components/pbsclient/masters : string[]

    defines a list of PBS masters for this host. The first is the primary master for q* commands. This directive is compulsory.

  • /software/components/pbsclient/resources : string

    defines the PBS resources, this host provides. This resource is currently ignored.

  • /software/components/pbsclient/restricted : string[]

    defines the list of hosts that can query PBS mom for additional information using a reserved port (in addition to the clienthosts as set fia the masters resource).

  • /software/components/pbsclient/logEvent : long

    Bitmask defining what log information to write to the mom_log files.

  • /software/components/pbsclient/tmpdir : string

    Location of the per-job transient TMPDIR directory. This resource is only functional on OpenPBS or Torque servers with the transient_tmpdir patch applied. The default is compiled into mom.

  • /software/components/pbsclient/idealLoad : double

    Translates into configuration directive $idealload.

  • /software/components/pbsclient/maxLoad : double

    Translates into configuration directive $maxload.

  • /software/components/pbsclient/cpuTimeMultFactor : double

    Translates into configuration directive $cput.

  • /software/components/pbsclient/wallTimeMultFactor : double

    Translates into configuration directive $wallt.

  • /software/components/pbsclient/prologAlarmSec : long

    Translates into configuration directive $prologalarm.

  • /software/components/pbsclient/checkpoint_interval : long

  • /software/components/pbsclient/checkpoint_script : string
  • /software/components/pbsclient/restart_script : string
  • /software/components/pbsclient/checkpoint_run_exe : string
  • /software/components/pbsclient/configPath : string

    location of the PBS mom configuration file (default: /var/spool/pbs/mom_priv/config). Note that the server_name file is written two directories up (thus by default in /var/spool/pbs).

  • /software/components/pbsclient/behaviour : string

    The way the server_name is conveyed to PBS mom. The default is OpenPBS, where the name is written to the file "server_name". The only other valid value is "Torque", where the name is written in the "$pbsservername" directive in the mom config file.

  • /software/components/pbsclient/nodeCheckScriptPath : string

  • /software/components/pbsclient/nodeCheckIntervalSec : long
  • /software/components/pbsclient/initScriptPath : string

    Name of the init.d script to run in the configuration changed. BY default this is "/etc/init.d/pbs".

  • /software/components/pbsclient/directPaths : component_pbsclient_pathmapping_type[]

    Locations that are accesible directly using the POSIX FileIO calls (i.e. without using pbs_rcp). This array of records define dthe list of $usecp directives. The component_pbsclient_pathmapping_type contains two resources ("locations" and "path").

  • /software/components/pbsclient/scripts/prologue : string =item /software/components/pbsclient/scripts/epilogue : string =item /software/components/pbsclient/scripts/prologue.user : string =item /software/components/pbsclient/scripts/epilogue.user : string =item /software/components/pbsclient/scripts/prologue.parallel : string

    These scripts may be defined to augment the behavior of pbs when starting and ending jobs. See the pbs documentation for a complete description of when each script runs and as what user.

  • /software/components/pbsclient/submitonly ? boolean

    If true, it assumes this host is only used for job submission, and has no pbs MOM running that requires restarting.


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David Groep <>