EDG::WP4::CCM::JSONProfileSimple->interpret_node($tag, $jsondoc);


Module that iterprets a JSON profile and generates all the needed metadata, to be inserted in the cache DB.

This metadata includes a checksum for each element in the profile, the Pan basic type, the element's name (that will help to reconstruct the path)... JSONProfileSimple only support 2 scalars: booleans and strings.

Should be used by EDG::WP4::CCM::Fetch only.

This module has only one method for the outside world:


JSON profiles don't contain any basic type information, and JSON::XS may lose it. So, with JSONProfileSimple, we'll store in the caches only two types of scalars: booleans, which will be identical as they used to be, and strings.

Component writers know if they expect a given element in the profile to be a number, and may rely on Perl's automatic stringification/numification.