NCM::afsclt - NCM AFS client configuration component


  • Configure()

    Configure the cell, the AFS cacheinfo file and the afsd daemon.


  • /software/components/afsclt/afsd_args : nlist (optional)

    various command-line options for the afsd daemon

  • /software/components/afsclt/afs_mount : string (optional)

    AFS mount point. If not defined, /afs is used.

  • /software/components/afsclt/cachemount : string (optional)

    AFS cache mount point. No default.

  • /software/components/afsclt/cachesize : string (optional)

    desired AFS cache size on disk, in 1K blocks, or AUTOMATIC. The running AFS cache will get adjusted online, and $afs_cacheinfo will be changed if required. Please note that an available (mounted) AFS cache partition has precedence over this value, i.e. you cannot force a lower usage of the cache partition. For Linux machines, a cache partition will use CACHESIZE=AUTOMATIC, for other OSes, a hardcoded fill rate of 85% is used.

  • /software/components/afsclt/cellservdb : string (optional)

    A regularly-updated AFS CellServDB URL or filename (e.g. from AFS) that this component will copy to local disk. The local AFS client will get notified of any additions or changes within a cell.

  • /software/components/afsclt/enabled : yes or no (required)

    Whether the AFS client should be enabled or not. No default.

  • /software/components/afsclt/settime : boolean (optional)

    make AFS client set the system time or not.

  • /software/components/afsclt/thiscell : string (required)

    local AFS cell for this machine. No default.

  • /software/components/afsclt/thesecells : list of string (optional)

    List of AFS cells to authenticate to. No default.