This component configures amanda server, the "Advanced Maryland Automatic Network Disk Archiver".


This component generates the following files:

  • /etc/amanda/backupname/amanda.conf
  • /etc/amanda/backupname/disklist

Furthermore, when using virtual tapes (tpchanger='chg-disk') it creates (only if these files do not exist previously):

  • /etc/amanda/backupname/tapelist
  • tapedev_dir/slotXX
  • symbolic to the first slot

It also labels the virtual tapes (this is very dangerous cause labelling the tapes destroy the content, have this into account if you already have data in the tapedev directory)


These are the top-level fields provided by the component. For information on any of these fields' structure, please look amanda's documentation.

  • /software/components/amandaserver/backupname/config/general_options

    Named list of general configuration options (goes to /etc/amanda/backupname/amanda.conf). Depending on the value of option tpchanger it might create the virtual tapes in the path specified by option tapedev.

  • /software/components/amandaserver/backupname/config/holdingdisks : holdingdisk{}

    Named list of holdingdisk structures, indexed by holdingdisk. name (goes to /etc/amanda/backupname/amanda.conf).

  • /software/components/amandaserver/backupname/config/tapetypes : tapetype{}

    Named list of tapetype structures, indexed by tapetype name. (goes to /etc/amanda/backupname/amanda.conf).

  • /software/components/amandaserver/backupname/config/dumptypes : dumptype{}

    Named list of dumptype structures, indexed by dumptype name. (goes to /etc/amanda/backupname/amanda.conf).

  • /software/components/amandaserver/backupname/config/interfaces : interface{}

    Named list of interface structures, indexed by interface name. (goes to /etc/amanda/backupname/amanda.conf).

  • /software/components/amandaserver/backupname/disklists : disk[]

    List of disk structures (goes to /etc/amanda/backupname/disklist).