NCM::named - NCM named configuration component


NCM component allowing to copy the named server configuration (/etc/named.conf) file from a reference location and/or configure the resolver configuration file (/etc/resolv.conf).

If named is started on the machine, localhost ( is added as the first server in resolver configuration file.


  • /software/components/named/start: boolean (optional)

    Enable/Start or Disable/Stop named server. If undefined, nothing is done.

  • /software/components/named/configfile: string (optional)

    Reference file location for named configuration file. Existing (/etc/named.conf), if any, will be replaced. 'configfile' is mutually exclusive with 'serverConfig'.

  • /software/components/named/serverConfig: string (optional)

    Content of named configuration file (/etc/named.conf). 'serverConfig' is mutually exclusive with 'configfile'.

  • /software/components/named/servers: list of hosts

    Ordered list of named servers to use in (/etc/resolv.conf). If named server is started, localhost ( will be added first.

  • /software/components/named/options: list of options

    Ordered list of named options to use in (/etc/resolv.conf).

    /etc/resolv.conf is updated: everything except 'nameserver' lines are preserved. All the 'nameserver' lines are replaced by information in this option, if present.