$fetch = EDG::WP4::CCM::Fetch->new({PROFILE_URL => "profile_url or hostname",
                    CONFIG  => "path of config file",
                    FOREIGN => "1/0"});


Module provides Fetch class. This helps in retrieving XML profiles and from specified URLs. It allows users to retrieve local, as well as foreign node profiles.


  • new()

    new({PROFILE_URL => "profile_url or hostname",
         CONFIG  => "path of config file",
         FOREIGN => "1/0"});

    Creates new Fetch object. Full url of the profile can be provided as parameter PROFILE_URL, if it is not a url a profile url will be calculated using 'base_url' config option in /etc/ccm.conf. Path of alternative configuration file can be given as CONFIG.

    Returns undef in case of error.

  • fetchProfile()

    fetchProfile fetches the profile from profile url and keeps it at configured area. The cache root variable is set as $fetch_handle{'CACHE_ROOT'} which can further be passed to CacheManager object and use NVA-API to access Resources and Properties.

    If the profile is foreign, then the cache_root configuration is expected to be just for this foreign host and unexpected behaviour will result if the cache_root is shared. Only a single (most recent) copy of the foreign copy will be stored: previous versions will be removed. Foreign profiles do not use failover URLs: if the primary URL is unavailable, then the fetch will fail.

    Returns undef if it cannot fetch the profile due to a network error, <$EDG::WP4::CCM::Fetch::ProfileCache::ERROR> in case of other failure, SUCCESS in case of successful fetch, but no updated profile and CHANGED in case of successful fetch and updated profile.