EDG::WP4::CCM::Path - Path class


$path = Path->new(["/hardware/memory/size"]);
$string = $path->toString();
$path = $path->down($string);
$path = $path->up();


Module provides implementation of the Path class. Class is used to manipulate absolute paths

  • new ($path)

    create new object of Path type. Empty string is not allowed as an input parameter. If input parameter is not specified, Path is initialized to the root path ("/").

    $path is a string representation of the path as defined in the NVA-API Specification document

  • toString ()

    get the string representation of path

  • up ()

    removes last chunk of the path and returns it. if the path is already "/" then then methods rises an exception

  • down ($chunk)

    add one chunk to a path, chunk cannot be compound path (it cannot contain "/" or be empty)

  • merge (@subpaths)

    Return a new instance with optional subpaths added