pbsserver: NCM component to configure partially the pbs (torque) server.


The pbsserver component configures the pbs (torque) server. Unsetting attributes of nodes doesn't work (yet).


pbsroot (/var/spool/pbs)

The absolute path to the pbs root directory.

binpath (/usr/bin)

The absolute path to the pbs binaries qmgr and pbsnodes.


The content of the submit filter. This file will be written to the file $pbsroot/submit_filter and a reference to this put into the $pbsroot/torque.cfg file. If this is not specified, the reference to the script will be removed.


A named list with the environment to use for the pbs server. As a security feature, pbs removes the current environment when it starts and substitutes the environment defined in this file. Typical things to set are the PATH and LANG. Optionally for torque, the variable TORQUEKEEPCOMPLETED can be set to keep jobs in a "completed" state for 5 minutes after they complete. This is very useful for debugging problems.

"/software/components/pbsserver/server" ? pbs_server

Sets the configuration of the server. Structure as follows:

"/software/components/pbsserver/server/manualconfig" : boolean

Set to false gives complete control to ncm-pbsserver, meaning that it will configure defined attributes and will remove existing non-defined ones. Set to true will configure defined ones, but not remove existing non-defined ones, thus allowing local configuration of other attributes.

"/software/components/pbsserver/server/attlist" ? pbs_server_attlist

A named list with attributes to be set for the server through qmgr.

"/software/components/pbsserver/queue" ? pbs_queuelist

Sets the configuration of the queue. Structure as follows:

"/software/components/pbsserver/queue/manualconfig" : boolean

Same as /software/components/pbsserver/server/manualconfig, but will remove queues completely if set to false.

"/software/components/pbsserver/queue/queuelist" ? pbs_queue

A named list where the key is the name of the queue and the value of the type pbs_queue. This type has also a manualconfig to allow manual configuration of the attributes of the queue. It also can have an entry attlist of type pbs_queue_attlist, which is a named list with the attributes of that queue.

"/software/components/pbsserver/node" ? pbs_node_list

Analog to /software/components/pbsserver/queue, with entries manaulconfig and nodelist. Nodelist is a named list with the FQHN of the workernode as key and as value the type pbs_node, consisting of a manualconfig and an attlist of type pbs_node_attlist.