gsissh: NCM component to manage gsissh configuration file(s)


The gsissh component writes manages the configuration for both the client and server sides of the GSI-enabled SSH daemon.



An optional nlist with the server-side configuration. If not specified, then the server is not configured.


The port to use for the daemon. This is mandatory.


An nlist giving the options to use. Typical options are: PermitRootLogin, RSAAuthentication, PubkeyAuthentication, PasswordAuthentication, ChallengeResponseAuthentication, which take yes/no values.


An optional nlist giving the client options to use. Typical options are: GssapiAuthentication, GssapiKeyExchange, and GssapiDelegateCredentials which take yes/no values. The client is always configured even if there are no options.


"/software/components/gsissh/server/port" = 1975; "/software/components/gsissh/server/options" = nlist("PermitRootLogin", "no", "RSAAuthentication", "no", "PubkeyAuthentication", "no", "PasswordAuthentication", "no", "ChallengeResponseAuthentication", "no");