The gmond component manages Ganglia's gmond daemon. This daemon collects information at a node and uses multicast to distribute it over the network.


The organization of the schema is very similar to the layout of the resulting configuration file. Please read Ganglia's documentation on the configuration of gmond for details.

  • /software/components/gmond/file : string

    The location of the configuration file. The correct value differs between Ganglia 3.0 (/etc/gmond.conf) and Ganglia 3.1 (/etc/ganglia/gmond.conf). There is no default value.

  • /software/components/gmond/cluster

    Cluster configuration with attributes name, owner, latlong and url.

  • /software/components/gmond/host

    Host configuration with attribute location.

  • /software/components/gmond/globals

    Configuration of gmond, with attributes daemonize, setuid, user, debug_level, mute, deaf, host_dmax, cleanup_threshold, gexec, send_metadata_interval and module_dir.

  • /software/components/gmond/udp_send_channel

    List of UDP channels to send information to. Per channel the attributes mcast_join, mcast_if, host, port and ttl may be configured.

  • /software/components/gmond/udp_recv_channel

    List of UDP channels to receive information from. Per channel the attributes mcast_join, mcast_if, bind, port, family and an acl may be configured.

  • /software/components/gmond/tcp_accept_channel

    List of TCP channels from which information is accepted. Per channel the attributes bind, port, family, timeout and an acl may be configured.

  • /software/components/gmond/collection_group

    List of collection groups. Per collection group the attributes collect_once, collect_every, time_threshold and a list of metric descriptions can be specified. For each metric, the attributes name, title and value_threshold can be given.

  • /software/components/gmond/module

    List of modules. Per module the attributes name, language, path, params and param can be specified.

  • /software/components/gmond/include

    Optional list of additional files to include.


See for documentation on Ganglia and gmond.