This component configures syslog-ng, an alternative logging facility to Scientific Linux' sysklogd. If you want to configure sysklogd, use ncm-syslog instead of this component.

The component's structure matches rather closely syslog-ng.conf file format.


These are the top-level fields provided by the component. For information on any of these fields' structure, please look syslog-ng's documentation. Options accepting ony "yes" and "no" are mapped to Pan booleans.

  • /software/components/syslogng/sources : source{}

    Named list of source structures, indexed by source name.

  • /software/components/syslogng/destinations : destination{}

    Named list of destination structures, indexed by destination name.

  • /software/components/syslogng/filters ? filter{}

    Named list of filter structures, indexed by filter name. Rules inside a filter are combined by an OR operator. If you want AND filters, use several filters inside a log path.

    An additional field to the standard syslog-ng's usual filter capabilities is added: exclude_filters. This links to an already defined filter, but it will be included in current one, NEGATED.

  • /software/components/syslogng/log_rules : log_rule[]

    List of log_rule structures.

Defining a log path

Log paths are defined on /software/components/syslogng/log_rules. Their structure is as follows:

  • sources : string[]

    List of sources on this path. Each member of this list is a source name, and must exist on /software/components/syslogng/sources.

  • destinations : string[]

    List of destinations on this path. Each member of this list must exist on /software/components/syslogng/destinations.

  • filters ? string[]

    List of filters to be applied on this path. Each member of this list must exist on /software/components/syslogng/destinations.

  • flags ? flag_structure

    Flags to be applied on this log rule.

SEE ALSO, syslog-ng(8) syslog-ng.conf(5)