Use this module to create (commandline) application that interact with CCM directly.

Available convenience methods:

  • app_options

    Return list of CCM application specific options and commandline options for all CCM config options

  • setCCMConfig

    Set the CCM Configuration instance for CID cid under CCM_CONFIG attribute using CacheManager's getConfiguration method.

    If cid is not defined, the cid value from the --cid-option will be used. (To use the current CID when another cid value set via --cid-option, pass an empty string or the string 'current').

    A CacheManager instance under CACHEMGR attribute is created if none exists or force_cache is set to true.

    Returns SUCCESS on success, undef on failure.

  • getCCMConfig

    Returns the CCM configuration instance. If none exists, one is created via setCCMConfig method.

    All arguments are passed to possible setCCMConfig call.

  • gatherPaths

    Retrun arrayref of selected profile path (via the PATH_SELECTION_METHODS)

    All options are treated as initial paths.

  • default_action

    Set the default action $action if action is defined (use empty string to unset the default value).

    Returns the default action.

  • action_showcids

    the showcids action prints all sorted profile CIDs as comma-separated list

  • add_actions

    Add actions defined in hashref to the supported actions.

    When creating a new module derived from EDG::WP4::CCM::Options, add methods named "action_<something>", and add then via this method to the _actions hashref.

    This will create a commandline option "--something", if selected, will execute the action_<something> method.

    The hashref key is the action name, the value is the help text.

    (Returns the _actions hashref for unittesting purposes)

  • action

    Run first of the predefined actions via the action_<actionname> methods