The nrpe component manages the NRPE daemon, which executes Nagios plugins on remote hosts. The NRPE service can be run under xinetd or as a stand-alone daemon. This component only supports the stand-alone way.


All fields are required (but most have sensible defaults unless otherwise stated).

  • /software/components/nrpe/options/allowed_hosts : type_hostname[]

    List of hosts allowed to order the NRPE daemon to run commands.

    Must be specified, no default is provided.

  • /software/components/nrpe/options/command : string {}

    Named list with the command lines to be run. It is indexed with the command identifiers. Check Nagios' documentation for more information on command definitions.

    Must be specified, no default is provided.

  • /software/components/nrpe/options/log_facility : string

    The syslog facility that should be used for logging purposes.

  • /software/components/nrpe/options/pid_file : string

    File in which the NRPE daemon should write it's process ID number.

  • /software/components/nrpe/options/server_port : type_port

    The port the daemon will listen to.

  • /software/components/nrpe/options/server_address ? string

    Address that nrpe should bind to if you do not want nrpe to bind on all interfaces.

    Optional field.

  • /software/components/nrpe/options/nrpe_user : string

    User the daemon will run as. For instance, 'nagios'.

  • /software/components/nrpe/options/nrpe_group : string

    Group the daemon will run as. For instance, 'nagios'.

  • /software/components/nrpe/options/dont_blame_nrpe : boolean

    Whether or not the remote hosts are allowed to pass arguments to the commands offered by NRPE. It is false by default, so arguments are not allowed for security reasons.

  • /software/components/nrpe/options/command_prefix ? string

    Optional prefix for every single command to be run. For instance, "/usr/bin/sudo"

    Optional field.

  • /software/components/nrpe/options/debug : boolean

    Whether or not debugging messages are logged to the syslog facility.

  • /software/components/nrpe/options/command_timeout : long

    Timeout for commands, in seconds.

  • /software/components/nrpe/options/connection_timeout : long

    Timeout for connections, in seconds.

  • /software/components/nrpe/options/allow_weak_random_seed : boolean

    Whether or not allow weak random number generation.

  • /software/components/nrpe/options/include : string []

    List of external file names that should be included.

  • /software/components/nrpe/options/include_dir : string []

    List of directory names that should be included.