Test::Quattor::Doc - Class for unittesting documentation.


This is a class to trigger documentation testing. Should be used mainly as follows:

use Test::Quattor::Doc;

Public methods

  • new

    Returns a new object, accepts the following options

    • poddirs

      Array reference of directories to test for podfiles. Default dirs are the relative paths target/lib/perl and target/doc/pod (use the exported @DOC_TEST_PATHS list of defaults or resp. $DOC_TARGET_PERL and <$DOC_TARGET_POD>)

    • podfiles

      Array reference of podfiles to test (default empty)

    • emptypoddirs

      Array reference of poddirs that must be empty (or non-existing). If a directory is in both poddirs and emptypoddirs, if is considered an empty poddir.

    • panpaths

      Array reference of paths that hold pan files to check for annotations. Default is target/pan (use the exported $DOC_TARGET_PAN).

    • panout

      Output path for pan annotations. Default target/panannotations (use exported $DOC_TARGET_PANOUT).

  • pod_files

    Test all files from podfiles and poddirs. Based on all_pod_files_ok from Test::Pod.

    Returns array refs of all ok and not ok files.

  • pan_annotations

    Generate annotations, return arrayref with templates that have valid annotations and one for templates with invalid annotations.

    TODO: Does not require annotations at all nor validates minimal contents.

  • test

    Run all tests: pod_files pan_annotations