NCM::Component::OpenNebula::Server adds OpenNebula service configuration support to NCM::Component::OpenNebula.

Public methods

  • restart_opennebula_service

    Restarts OpenNebula service after any configuration change.

  • detect_opennebula_version

    Detects OpenNebula version through opennebula-server probe files, the value gathered from the file must be untaint.

  • change_opennebula_passwd

    Sets a new OpenNebula service password.

  • set_one_service_conf

    Sets OpenNebula configuration files used by the deamons, if the configuration file is changed the service must be restarted afterwards.

  • is_conf_file_modified

    Checks OpenNebula configuration file status.

  • set_one_auth_file

    Sets the authentication files used by oneadmin client tools.

  • set_file_opts

    Sets filewriter options.

  • set_one_server

    Configures OpenNebula server.

  • set_config_group

    Sets OpenNebula configuration file group.