Module to setup a profile cache


Set additional options for prepare_profile_cache

Set specific values for the cache, resources and/or profiles directory. Will be used by get_profile_cache_dirs

  • cache
  • resources
  • profiles


Return hashreference to the directories used to setup the profile cache: 'cache', 'resources' and 'profiles'.

The values are generated from the defaults or profilecacheoptions (to be set via set_profile_cache_options).

Relative paths are assumed to be relative wrt current directory; absolute paths are used for the returned values.



Prepares a cache for the profile given as an argument. This means compiling the profile, fetching it and saving the binary cache wherever the CCM configuration tells us.

Returns the configuration object for this profile.

The croak_on_error argument is passed to the Test::Quattor::Panc::panc method. If this boolean is 0 (and not undef), prepare_profile_cache will return the panc exitcode upon panc failure.


Returns a configuration object for the profile given as an argument. The profile should be one of the arguments given to Test::Quattor when loading it.

If the configuration cannot be found, an error is reported, and a test fails.


Set the json_typed config attribute to value. If value is undefined, json_typed is set to true.

Returns the value set.


Return the json_typed value.