Test::Quattor::TextRender::Base - Base class for unittesting the templates in metaconfig and components.

Refer to the specialized Test::Quattor::TextRender::Metaconfig and Test::Quattor::TextRender::Component for actual usage.


Run all unittests to validate a set of templates.


An exported function that mocks CAF::TextRender to test usage of TT files during regular component use in unittests. During this phase, CAF::TextRender has to use TT files that are being tested, not the ones installed. (CAF::TextRender has no easy way to do this to avoid spreading TT files around).

It takes an optional argument includepath and sets this as the includepath of CAF::TextRender. The default includepath is target/share/templates/quattor, where the TT files are staged during testing via maven (use exported $TARGET_TT_DIR).

To be used as

use Test::Quattor::TextRender::Base;

It returns the mock instance. (This is for convenience, you shouldn't need this (except maybe to unmock_all?). Test::MockModule keeps a cache of mocked instances, a new call would return the same instance.)