NCM::Component::spma::apt - NCM SPMA backend for apt


This document describes how to control the behaviour of the package manager itself. For information on how to manage packages with Quattor, please check


This plugin implements an apt backend for ncm-spma, the approach taken is to defer as much work as possible to apt.

A single SPMA run consists of the following steps:

  • Setup source directory if required
  • Remove sources that are not found in the profile
  • Update source cache from upstream sources
  • Upgrade already installed packages
  • Install packages specified in the profile that are not installed
  • Mark any packages installed but not in the profile as automatically installed
  • Ask apt to remove all automatically installed packages that are not satisfying dependencies of other packages


Only a very minimal schema is implemented.

Sources listed under /software/repositories will be configured, URLs should be followed by the suite and sections required e.g. unstable main

Packages listed under /software/packages will be installed, version and architecture locking (including multiarch) is fully implemented.