NCM::Component::OpenNebula::Network adds OpenNebula VirtualNetwork configuration support to opennebula.

Public methods

  • update_vn_ar

    Updates VirtualNetwork ARs.

  • get_vnetars

    Gets the network ARs (address range) from TT file and gathers VNet names and IP/MAC addresses.

  • remove_and_create_vn_ars

    Removes/creates ARs (address range).

  • detect_duplicate_ars

    Detects duplicate VirtualNetwork ARs with same IPs or MACs. Removes duplicated ARs (if QUATTOR flag is set to true).

  • create_vn_ars

    Creates VirtualNetwork AR leases.

  • remove_vn_ars

    Removes AR leases.

  • remove_vn_ars

    Detects Quattor flag within AR template.