NCM::Component::OpenNebula::Commands Configuration module for ONE


Configuration module for OpenNebula. Executes the required ssh commands to enable the hosts to be used by the cloud server.

This component needs a 'oneadmin' user. The user should be able to run these commands with sudo without password:

  • virsh secret-define --file/var/lib/one/templates/secret/secret_ceph.xml``
  • virsh secret-set-value --secret $uuid --base64 $secret

Public methods

  • set_ssh_command

    Sets $sshcmd.

  • run_command

    Executes a command and return the output. Returns sdout and stderr array.

  • run_virsh_as_oneadmin_with_ssh

    Executes a command prefixed with virsh and returns the output.

  • run_oneuser_as_oneadmin_with_ssh

    Executes oneuser command and returns the output.

  • run_onehost_as_oneadmin_with_ssh

    Executes onehost command to sync hosts VMMs scripts.

  • has_shell_escapes

    Checks for shell escapes.

  • run_command_as_oneadmin

    Executes a command as oneadmin user.

  • run_command_as_oneadmin_with_ssh

    Executes a command as oneadmin over ssh, optionally with options.

  • ssh_known_keys

    Accepts and adds unknown keys if wanted.

  • can_connect_to_host

    Checks if the host is reachable or not.