Test::Quattor::TextRender::Suite - Class for a template test suite.


A TextRender test suite corresponds to one or more regexptests that are tested against the profile genereated from one corresponding object template.

A test suite can be a combination of file (implying one regexptest, and that file being the regexptest) and/or a directory (one or more regexptests; each file in the directory is one regexptest; no subdirectory structure allowed); with the file or directory name identical to the corresponding object template.

The names cannot start with a '.'.


Support options

  • testspath

    Basepath for the suite tests.

  • regexps

    Path to the suite regexptests (testspath/regexps is default when not specified).

  • profiles

    Path to the suite object templates (testspath/profiles is default when not specified).

  • ttincludepath

    Includepath to use for CAF::TextRender.

  • ttrelpath

    relpath to use for CAF::TextRender.

  • filter

    A compiled regular expression that is used to filter the found regexptest files (matching relative filenames are kept; non-matcing ones are removed).

    One can also set the QUATTOR_TEST_SUITE_FILTER enviroment variable, which will be used as regular expression pattern for the filter.


Find all regexptests. Files/directories that start with a '.' are ignored.

Returns hash ref with name as key and array ref of the regexptests paths.


Create a hash reference of all object templates in the 'profilespath' with name key and filepath as value.


Run all regexptest $regexps for a single test profile profile with name name.


Run all tests to validate the suite.