Test::Quattor::TextRender::Component - Class for unittesting the TextRender usage (and TT in particular) in components.


This class should be used to unittest CAF::TextRender usage in components.

To be used as

my $u = Test::Quattor::TextRender::Component->new(
    component => 'openneubla',

The tests require access to the template-library-core repository for using standard types in the schema files.

By default, the template-library-core is expected to be in the same directory as the one this test is being ran from. One can also specify the location via the QUATTOR_TEST_TEMPLATE_LIBRARY_CORE environment variable.

Public methods

  • new

    Returns a new object, basepath is the default location for component TT files (src/main/resources).

    Accepts the following options

    • component

      The name of the component that these tests are part of.

    • usett

      Force (or disable) the TT gather and verification test. E.g. disable when a builtin TextRender module is used. (By default, usett is true).

    • pannamespace

      For modules that are almost components (like AII plugins), one can change the pannamespace (default is <components/<component >>). (Use empty string to indicate no namespace).

    • skippan

      If skippan is true, skip all pan related tests and checks. This should only be needed in some rare case (e.g. when testing TT files in other modules like CCM). Default is not to skip any pan related tests.