Test::Quattor::RegexpTest - Class to handle a single regexptest.


This class parses and executes the tests as described in a single regexptest.

Public methods

  • new

    Returns a new object, accepts the following options

    • regexp

      The regexptest file.

    • text

      The text to test.


Parse the regexp file in 3 sections: description, flags and tests.

Each section is converted in an instance attribute named 'description', 'flags' and 'tests'.


Parse the description block and set the description attribute.

First argument blocktxt is the 1st block of the regexptest file.


Parse the flags block and set flags attribute

Following flags are supported

  • regular expression flags:

    • multiline

      (no)multiline / multiline=1/0

    • singleline

      singleline / singleline=1/0

      (This flag can coexist with multiline)

    • extended format

      extended / extended=1/0

    • case senistive

      case(in)sensistive / casesensitive = 0/1 - order flag - ordered matches

      (un)ordered / ordered=0/1 - negate

    negate / negate = 0/1

    Negate all regexps, none of the regexps can match (is an alias for COUNT 0 on every regtest; overwritten when COUNT is set for individual regexp)

  • quote

    quote / quote = 0/1

    Whole tests block is 1 regular expression. With quote flag set, multiline flag is logged and ignored; ordered flag is meaningless (and silently ignored).

  • location of module and contents settings:

    • metaconfigservice=/some/path

      Also any flag starting with / is interpreted as metaconfigservice

    • renderpath=/some/path

      Also any flag starting with // is interpreted as renderpath

    • rendermodule

      Specify the value of the module to use. (Precedes metaconfigservice/renderpath value).

    • contentspath

      Specify the path to use for contents. (Precedes metaconfigservice/renderpath value).

    • element

      Comma separated list of predefined element convert options for CCM::TextRender. - Default settings

      ordered=1 multiline=1 casesensitive=1 renderpath=/metaconfig

First argument blocktxt is the 2nd block of the regexptest file.


Parse the tests block and set tests attribute

If the quote flag is set, the whole tests block is seen as one big regular expression, and rendered text has to be an exact match, incl EOF newline etc.

Without the quote flag set, the tests are parsed line by line, and seen as one regexp per line.

Lines starting with \s*#{3} (trailing space!) are comments.

Lines ending with \s#{3} are interpreted as having options set. Supported options


    COUNT \d+ is the exact number of matches (use COUNT 0to make sure a line doesn't match).

    This is a global count, e.g. in ordered mode the count itself is not number of matches since previous test match.

The first argument blocktxt is the 3rd block of the regexptest file


Perform the tests as defined in the flags and specified in the 'tests' section