Test::Quattor::Critic - Run Perl::Critic.


This is a class to run Perl::Critic code with a whitelist of policies.

To get the policy names, use critic --cruel --verbose 8 path/to/perl/code


  • new

    • codedirs

      An arrayref of paths to look for perl code (uses Test::Pod::all_pod_files).

      Default is target/lib/perl.

    • exclude

      A regexp to remove policies from list of fatal policies. - make_critic

    Create Perl::Critic instance and load policies

  • check

    Given a list of Perl::Critic::Violations (e.g. as return value of critique method) and check which one should be reported on.

  • test

    Run critic test on all files found with all_pod_files in all codedirs.