ncm-postfix: Postfix server configuration





The configuration information for the component. This structure contains three fields:

  • main

    An nlist with all the possible configuration values for /etc/postfix/ See main(5) for more details.

  • master

    A list with all entries for /etc/postfix/ See master(5) for all the details. For each line, we have to provide:

    • name : string

      Name of the entry (first field in the line).

    • type : string

      Type of service/socket for this entry.

    • private : boolean

      Defaults to true.

    • unprivileged : boolean

      Defaults to true

    • chroot : boolean

      Defaults to true

    • maxproc : long

      Maximum number of processes that may be instantiated following this line Defaults to 100.

    • wakeup : long

    • command
  • databases

    An optional structure describing additional Postfix databases (lookup tables in Postfix terminology). See for more information.

    Each subtree is associated with a class of lookup tables. Each class of lookup tables is an nlist, in which the keys are the file names (relative to /etc/postfix) that configure the access to such a database.

    Currently, only LDAP lookups can be described, see


Minimal configuration

An empty nlist is valid for

"/software/components/postfix/main" = nlist();

Storing aliases in LDAP

Declaring an alias database stored in an LDAP server can be achieved as follows:

"/software/components/postfix/main/alias_maps" = append(
       "type", "ldap",
       "name", "/etc/postfix/"));

And we can instruct Postfix to access this database:

prefix "/software/components/postfix/databases/ldap/";

"server_host" = "";
"search_base" = "OU=foo,CN=bar";
"query_filter" = "(an-ldap-filter)";
"result_format" = "%s";